Wednesday, 30 May 2012

It's been awhile..

Life took over, as it always does, when you're trying to start something new, and derails the best of intentions! After going up, down and all over the place, we have returned to our dream of an adult nursing relationship and are now on day three of nursing regularly. For those who have contemplated or who are contemplating, don't think too long, just give it a go!

After hours of reading, researching, lurking on forums and watching a few too many naughty videos, we've figured out that this is a life-long commitment if its going to be done right, and so go slow and enjoy. Its been recommended that frequent, 10-20 minute nursing is needed, to have a realistic shot at lactation (or re-lactation). There's a lot of terminology floating around so if you're wondering what the difference is, I think I've summarized it down to whether or not you've ever produced breast milk. One of these days, I'll get a glossary going! So for the past two days, we've managed a long 20 minute nursing session (10 mins on each breast) before bedtime, another session in the middle of the night, and one in the morning. That's only three sessions, and 4-5 are recommended, so we're going to need to find some more suckle-time!

The bedtime nursing time is wonderful. The house is quiet, the roads are calm, and I lose myself in the peacefulness that surrounds lying naked in bed, and hearing only the sounds of a soft sucking on your breast and the occasional moan of ecstasy coming from your partner.  I admit I've fallen asleep being suckled only to be woken to switch to the other breast! The middle-of-the night nursing is a completely different feeling. Here my feelings of submissiveness and surrender come to play. Part of me wants to sleep, parts of me wants to be suckled and so you lie there, in mid-sleep, holding your breast out and feel the tugging waking up parts of your body. And after he's finished, you roll over and sleep, feeling used and content that you have given pleasure. And the biggest surprise is that I wake up with an urge to be suckled, my nipples aching to be sucked, and it is usually me that initiates it, getting into position so my breasts are easily reached.

I find myself wondering about the experiences to come. What will happen to my breasts? They are hardening already. Will they get bigger? Will they hurt all the time? Will I ever produce milk? All this yet to discover. Already I am loving our new passion. I'm exploring nursing bras, lactation teas, lotions for sore nipples.. I'm also exploring how much joy its brought to other couples through shared experiences on the Experience Project and finding that there are people around the world searching for the joys of ANR. I hope they find it. It's worth the search.


  1. I appreciate your openness and helpful information. I am a man in my late fifties and my wife is in her mid fifties, we have done the ANR off and on for the past two years. At first it was to get her to re-lactate then it was just to get closer which ANR does, then we got busy and haven't participated in a while. My wife is afraid of lactating because of the mess, wet shirts out in public not being to control the lactation and the wet feeling from leaky breast. I don't know if re-lactating has all the problems that it does when first lactating, maybe this will help with those woman who are reluctant like my wife if there is information on this from those who have relactated. I must say as a man the nursing of my wife's breast does make me feel closer to her and I enjoy it very much, it also makes me more protective of her and I pay her a lot more attention. Even though we both enjoy sex a lot with ANR there is no tension if we don't have it and ANR does relax my wife, she will fall
    a sleep on occasionally when I am suckling on her breast and will wake up briefly when changing from one side to the other. We have started again and your blog did relate to me.

  2. What advise can you give a new ANR? Are there any support groups to make sure my husband and I are doing the stimulation right? We live in Dothan, Al and do not know where to look for support except on line. Any help &/or advise would be much appreciated. Anyone with advice can contact us at Thanks for the help